Ms. Shape
(line up)
No veins and no stiarations!

Ms. Shape
Ms. Shape Over 30 years

Ms. Figure

(line up, comparisons, routine = optional)

Ms. Figure
Ms. Figure Over 40 years

The classifications for Ms. Figure are based on a height/weight formula:
90 percent of (height–100) = maximum weight

no costume allowed


Miss Physique

(line up, comparisons, routine = optional)
one class




Men's Physique
Competition wear Beach Shorts knee lenght

(line up)
one class
If more then 20 athletes are registered, there will be two classes (up to and including 1,75m and over 1,75m)

The classification for Men's Physique is based on a height/weight formula:
height–100 + 2 kg = maximum weight

Men's Classic Physique
Competition wear : Posing shorts uni color
10-12 cm

(line up, comparisons
(5 poses + 1 classic pose -no most muscular), routine = optional)
Masters:    40+
Class 2:     up to and including 1,75m    
Class 1:     over 1,75m

The classifications for Athletic are based on 4 different height/weight formulas:
up to and including 1,70m: height–100+4kg = maximum weight
1,71m up to and including 1,79m: height–100+6kg = maximum weight
1,80m up to and including 1,89m: height–100+8kg = maximum weight
over 1,90m: height–100+10kg = maximum weight



(line up, comparisons, routine = optional)
Class 3:     60 years and older
Class 2:     50 to 59 years old
Class 1:     40 to 49 years old



(line up, comparisons, routine = optional)
including the calendar year, the athlete reaches the age of 23


Men Body

(line up, comparisons, routine = optional)
Class 4:     up to and including 1,65m
Class 3:     1,66m up to and including 1,72m
Class 2:     1,73m up to and including 1,79m
Class 1:     over 1,79m




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